1. Bio-medical Signal Processing:

The need of the hour is to use the signal processing and machine learning tools applied to medical signals and images for early warning of patient deterioration in hospital, as well as for out-patient using m-health for self-management of chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases etc. Currently the tasks which are in progress are development of m-health system to monitor the cardiovascular parameters, exploration of the newly emerging techniques for various diagnostic parameters related to heart and lungs, and development of automatic microscopy imaging system for computer aided diagnosis of tuberculosis.

2. Gesture Recognition:

The project aims at developing algorithms for identifying different gestures so that they can be used for detecting suspicious gestures in any given application. Currently, the project is focused on gestures in a public transportation system.

3. IoT architectural framework for Mutimedia applications

The aim of this project is to develop an intelligent, connection-aware framework for multimedia applications. The framework will support connectivity, interoperability and integration in multimedia IoT systems.